Philly video recap with Golf Clap!

Gooooooooood times at Coda and the warehouse afters in Philadelphia last week. I had Friday off so my homies Golf Clap kidnapped me on the way back from us checking the debut of Barclay Crenshaw at House Of Yes. Check the video!

New mix on Psychic FM!

I did a mix for my compadre Treasure Fingers’ mix show. It’s a sneak look into the future of what I’m about to be putting out over the next couple months. My next release is The Bumps EP is out next week!

Josh Brown – Peeling Grapes With Your Toes
Moon Boots – Gonna Give It
Codes – Reality Music
Vibe Killers – Love You
Treasure Fingers & Codes – Win Your Love (Codes’ BB Remix)
Ralo, Piem, Strada – Who Is It
Wade – They Know
Format:B – Okeey Yaaah
Codes – Miles 2 Go Be 4 I Sleep
Codes – Boom Bapps
Codes – Bumps
Adrian Hour – That’s It
Codes – Bad Boy
Will Clarke – Booty Percolatin’
Walker & Royce – ITB
Dombresky – Utopia